Blinds are one of the best protection of the interior of your home from the sun and prying eyes.

The best-selling series of roller shutters are the mount-on external visible shutters. In addition to its functionality, which is equal to all the shutters, it is primarily characterized by its affordability.

Roller box is composed of two parts: the front and rear service panel, which is curved at an angle of 45°.

Roller shutter cross-section                  Implementation options


Roller shutter                                   Roller shutter with insect screen

If you want to embellish the external appearance of the building, we suggest mount-on external QUARTER-OVAL roller shutters. Roller box is composed of two parts (aluminium plate): the back part, which is the same in most of the shutters, and the front curved part, which also serves as a servicing panel.

                          Roller shutter cross-section                                   Implementation options


Roller shutter QUARTER-OVAL                        Roller shutter QUARTER-OVAL with insect screen

One of the most sophisticated mount-on visible shutters is definitely the OVAL shutter because its shape additionally contributes to a better exterior appearance. The oval box forms a completed whole with the shutters and the facade. The oval box is composed of three parts: rear, top, and front service panel, all of which are made of extruded aluminium, which adds the extra stiffness and a better appearance to the box.

                                Roller shutter cross-section                                   Implementation options


Roleta OVAL                                   Roler shutter OVAL with insect screen

If you want to shade the room with shutters without greatly changing the exterior appearance of the building, the concealed plaster base shutters are the ideal solution. Mount-on roller shutters are mounted on the building after window installation and before the building façade is created. The concealed shutter on the other hand requires planning in advance, so this type of shutters is more suitable for new constructions. If you do not want to cover the window opening with the shutter, it is important to raise the roller shutter above the window. This can be solved by making a notch in the lintel beforehand, or by installing the window in line with the exterior part of the wall. Concealed box shutter is placed under the facade so it can be barely seen from the side-view. This makes it an ideal solution for situations where the shutters should not significantly change the exterior appearance of the building. The lower service panel of all mount-on concealed shutters is made from extruded aluminium,which gives the shutter additional rigidity. There are two types of concealed shutters:concealed 90° i concealed 20°.

All shutters can be ordered in different versions:

  - with aluminium slats filled with polyurethane foam or with PVC slats
   -with integrated roll-up insect screen or without it
   - manually operated (automatic), controlled via the crank handle, or electrically
   - in various colour combinations of slats, boxes, guide rails and skirting boards.

    Concealed 20°                                                      Concealed 90°

With the electric motor drive we avoid thermal losses caused by aperture for mechanical transmission of operation. In the basic version of electromotor the shade is controlled with a switch, in a more comfortable mode we use a remote control. This requires the use of electric motors with built-in receivers, which in turn gives a number of control options.

You can use remotes, which control a number of shades, or timers, which allow you to set the rising or lowering of the shades at a certain time or day. This creates the impression that you are at home, while in fact you are absent. Even more is possible with the numerous climate sensors, which can regulate shades depending on weather conditions such as sun, wind or rain. Shades fitted with electrical drives can be also easily connected with a central control system (CNS), which is an integral part of intelligent houses.

   Upravljanje preko
daljinskog upravljača

                                         Upravljanje preko daljinskog upravljača
                                      s mogućnošću priključka programskog sata

The shutters can significantly increase protection against burglary. All our shutters come with installed basic safety springs, which make it difficult to raise the shutters from the outside. With additions such as locks and anti-burglar springs we can achieve a very high level of window security.

Safety spring – all roller shutters from our production program include basic steel safety springs that make it difficult to raise them when the shutters are rolled down.

Locks – the cheapest way to achieve anti-burglary protection: to equip the shutters with simple bolts - locks in the skirting board with groove. The locks ban be pulled apart manually when the shutter in the rolled-down position (this option must not be used in roller shutters powered by motor drive).

Anti-burglar springs – the most elegant way to achieve anti-burglary protection is to use special anti-burglary springs instead of the steel ones. They can be installed on both types of shafts (40 and 60 mm). The advantage of this system is that the shutters lock automatically when they roll down to the bottom position (without having to open the windows and lock them manually). Anti-burglary springs can only be used on roller shutters operated by a crank handle or motor drive.

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